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A bird or an egg?

An ancient debate on what came first: an Egg or a Bird; has continued in my family.  Since early days my mum always called me a Bird.  When I grew up my mum would say: ‘Eggs don’t teach Birds what to do’.  However, as eggs hatch and turn into birds they feel they can teach their parents a thing or two.   Of course, one is always walking on eggshells when attempting to teach parents…

My character the BirdNotEgg was created to demonstrate to my mum that her daughter has grown into a Bird. But paradoxically the creation of this character has cemented her opinion that her daughter is a complete and utter Egg.  As far as she is concerned, Art must be Serious.


I recently sent her a photo of this object:


This significant discovery of cave paintings of previously unknown tribe in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom .  This proves that a strange creature that has flown into the black hole and spoken to dead people –  has existed on Earth since the pre historic times.


When my mum saw these drawings, she exclaimed that they could be fake as they were too perfectly drawn!  As 25,000 ago they did not have the skill of today’s artists.  To which I replied: ‘No, they are original!  Next time I will have to make them less perfect!’  My mum seemed to be rather perplexed that they were done by her little egg!


The secretive artist keeps her identity secret.  All is known about her is that she is a female and travels back and forward in time and her alter ego is a Bird, not Egg.

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